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 P   u   b   l   i   c     L   i   v   e   s    2005  to  1995 

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2005.12.25    Kenosis: The message of Christmas  

2005.12.18    Between senility and sedition 

2005.12.11    Demanding closure

2005.12.04    Garci's gambit

2005.11.27    Open wounds

2005.11.20    The origins of the crisis

2005.11.13    The return of the repressed

2005.11.06    Overcoming a heritage of mimicry

2005.10.30    Formal institutions and people power

2005.10.23    When religious leaders speak

2005.10.16    Realpolitik vs. ethical politics

2005.10.09     What is a terrorist?

2005.10.02    Separation of powers

2005.09.25    The merchant in Malacanang

2005.09.18    Surviving PAL country

2005.09.11    Confusion and vision

2005.09.04    Gloria's "truth"

2005.08.28    Salute to the new

2005.08.21    Truth and pragmatism

2005.08.14    Clean hands

2005.08.07    Change

2005.07.31    Breaking the silence

2005.07.24    Truth commissioned

2005.07.17    Conversations: normal and faked

2005.07.10    Beyond Gloria

2005.07.03    Deconstructing Gloria

2005.06.26    From crisis to crisis

2005.06.19    Interpreting conversations

2005.06.12    "Hello Garci? Hello Ma'am"

2005.06.05    The work of learning

2005.05.29    Sociology of jueting

2005.05.22    A future worth fighting for

2005.05.15    Murder by other means

2005.05.08    Men and their mothers

2005.05.01    The shift to nursing

2005.04.24    Billboards: A rejoinder

2005.04.17    An American radical

2005.04.10    Immortality

2005.04.03    Billboard nation

2005.03.27    The will to change

2005.03.20    Popular reliosity

2005.03.13    Popular solutions

2005.03.06    The morning after Edsa

2005.02.27    Education and poverty

2005.02.20    A Moro homeland

2005.02.13    A sociology of love

2000.02.06    Repairing basic education

2005.01.30    Distributing the tax burden

2005.01.23    Should we give up on people power?

2005.01.16    Rationalization

2005.01.09    Leadership and the common good

2005.01.02    Fifteen reminders


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2004.12.26    Religion, cinema and politics   

2004.12.19    The immortal FPJ

2004.12.12    The Arroyo regime's nightmare

2004.12.05    The instinct for honesty

2004.11.28    Alternatives to a dysfunctional  government

2004.11.21    Hacienda Luisita

2004.11.14    A school in Macarascas

2004.11.07    Middle America

2004.10.31    The military in a corrupt society

2004.10.24    The general's lawyer

2004.10.17    The poor among us

2004.10.10    Will Gloria last?    

2004.10.03    Why Filipinos love Bush

2004.09.26    Populism and the fiscal crisis

2004.09.19    Decency in public life

2004.09.12    Crisis psychology

2000.09.05    Dealing with state failure

2004.08.29    The Magsaysay Awards

2004.08.22    Meditations on revolution 

2004.08.15    Wika

2004.08.08    Values

2004.08.01    Debating population

2004.07.25    State of the nation: the hard questions

2004.07.18    Saving Ms. Arroyo

2004.07.11    Recall our soldiers and save our workers

2004.07.04    The politics of constitutional reform

2004.06.27    Nietzche and Nachura on truth

2004.06.20    The original meaning of "canvass"

2004.06.13    National pride

2004.06.06    Sources of hope

2004.05.30    A credible canvass 

2004.05.23    Politics of decency

2004.05.17    Exit polls and their social context

2004.05.09    Can I trust this person?

2004.05.02    The decline of political parties

2004.04.25    The quest for preemptive stability

2004.04.18    Religion and democracy

2004.04.11    Waiting for a Messiah

2004.04.04    Faith and patience in Batanes

2004.03.28    A consensus of acquiencence    

2004.03.21    Nurses for a global market 

2004.02.29    The "masa" vote

2004.02.22    The lost hope of a strong republic

2004.02.15    Being Filipino

2004.02.08    The making of the masa vote

2004.02.01    Killing time

2004.01.25    Citizenship

2004.01.18    A surge in volunterrism

2004.01.11    The middle class and the poor

2004.01.04    Everyday poets 


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2003.12.28    The mass media in a democracy

2003.12.21    Faith in new beginnings

2003.12.14    In a world of images

2003.12.07    Mornings with Julia

2003.11.30    Democracy

2003.11.23    Bush's double talk in Britain 

2003.11.16    Vague uneasiness

2003.11.09    Reconciliations

2003.11.02    Teaching Davide a lesson

2003.10.26    Mrs. Kim's children

2003.10.19    The Bush visit

2003.10.12    Why Gloria is running   

2003.10.05    Coming home

2003.09.28    The presidency in our time

2003.09.21    Jose Pidal, Ping Lacson, and the battle against corruption

2003.09.14    Global trade and poverty

2003.09.07    Politics without limits

2003.08.31    The power of good example

2003.08.24    The absurdity of blaming the PMA

2003.08.17    A dialogue with mutineers

2003.08.10    Residual issues 

2003.08.03    Why our soldiers have becomes politicized

2003.07.27    The price of pride

2003.07.13    Politics of language

2003.07.06    Land invasions

2003.06.29    Our children's TV idols

2003.06.22    Law and politics

2003.06.15    Iraq-bound contractual peacekeepers

2003.06.08    Impeaching the Supreme Court

2003.06.01    A non-productive detour

2003.05.25    Messages from a state visit

2003.05.18    Surviving the North Expressway

2003.05.11    Mothers from another time

2003.05.04    Death trap on the North Luzon Expressway

2003.04.27    Panic in a melting pot of microbes

2003.04.20    Good and evil in Saddam's Iraq

2003.04.13    The world after Iraq

2003.04.06    Motives and reasons for war

2003.03.30    American logic and Iraqi madmen

2003.03.23    The coalition of aggressors

2003.03.16    The closing of the American mind

2003.03.09    A willed moral blindness

2003.03.02    Why we oppose the war in Iraq and Mindanao

2003.02.23    Globalizing the Mindanao conflict

2003.02.16    Our own dirty war in Mindanao

2003.02.09    Iraq's trouble past

2003.02.02    America's reckless war

2003.01.26    House of memories

2003.01.19    Edsa II revisited

2003.01.12    Is Iraq our enemy?

2003.01.05    Political rebirth 


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2002.12.29    The rise and fall of Mark Jimenez

2002.12.22    The populist and the modern

2002.12.15    The president's declining popularity

2002.12.08    The life of babies

2002.12.01    When foreign embassies close

2002.11.24    Two heroes, two nations

2002.11.17    When freedom is an empty shell

2002.11.10    ASEAN's non-viable economies

2002.10.27    Government and the rule of law   

2002.10.20    The message of bombs

2002.10.13    Sex and the presidency

2002.10.06    Why US soldiers are still here

2002.09.29    Who's afraif of FPJ?

2002.09.22    Martial law and the middle classes

2002.09.15    A test for the UN

2002.09.08    No man's land

2002.09.01    Nationalist fundamentalism

2002.08.25    The absentee voting law

2002.08.18    Political will

2002.08.11    PR puff approach to crime

2002.08.04    Words

2002.07.28    Deconstructing the "strong republic"

2002.07.21    State of the nation's leadership

2002.07.14    The spirit of civil society

2002.07.07    Is this our foreign policy?

2002.06.30    Gambling revisited

2002.06.23    A society of cults

2002.06.16    My father's letter to his father

2002.06.09    On the brink of a breakdown

2002.06.02    Justice in a time of moral certainty

2002.05.26    Imagining Camiguin

2002.05.19    A question of responsibility

2002.05.12    The values of mothers

2002.05.05    The crisis of political parties

2002.04.28    Where we are headed

2002.04.21    The family during moments of ease

2002.04.14    Ariel Sharon's war

2002.04.07    A new norm in international relations

2002.03.31    Filipino piety

2002.03.24    The promises and risks of metaphors

2002.03.17    Erap's dirge, Gloria's tear-jerker

2002.03.10    Pragmatic solutions

2002.03.03    The trial of an ex-president

2002.02.24    People power as utopian politics

2002.02.17    Con games and practical solutions

2002.02.10    Terrorist talk

2002.02.03    Terrorism and its parasites

2002.01.27    Seeing the world with American eyes

2002.01.20    Edsa II in retrospect

2002.01.13    US troops in Mindanao

2002.01.06    The fear of coups 


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2001.12.30    Public leisure in postcolonial Baguio

2001.12.23    This time last year

2001.12.16    Stories told with courage

2001.12.09    Growing up with Julia

2001.12.02    Heroes for a nation that cannot remember

2001.11.25    Misuari's failure

2001.11.18    A future without Gloria

2001.11.11    Limbs to go: an Indian lesson

2001.10.28    The life and death of coup rumors

2001.10.21    Terrorism and paranoia

2001.10.14    Osama's war

2001.10.07    Intermission politics

2001.09.30    In quest of the Arab springtime

2001.09.23    Understanding Osama's human bombs

2001.09.16    To create a new kind of faith

2001.09.09    I shop, therefore I am

2001.09.02    The universality of greatness

2001.08.26    Strengthening institutions

2001.08.19    Undermining institutions

2001.08.12    The silent wars of Victor Corpus

2001.08.05    People power and the SSS

2001.07.29    The hidden injuries of the poor

2001.07.22    The nation of flux

2001.07.15    Understanding poverty

2001.07.08    Destabilization plot or demolition job?

2001.07.01    Our scale of values

2001.06.24    Government in the age of people power

2001.06.17    Alternatives

2001.06.10    Landscape and identity

2001.06.03    The nation and the Abu Sayyaf

2001.05.27    The special detainee

2001.05.20    The bright side of the Pinoy voter

2001.05.13    The 2001 elections

2001.05.06    A parable for our times   

2001.04.29    The third time as farce

2001.04.22    A mindset for murder

2001.04.15    Christ-like or Pinoy-like?

2001.04.08    Can we send an ex-president to jail?

2001.04.01    "Live Show":mishandled affair

2001.03.25    Mobs, crowds, and people power

2001.03.18    Estrada is the issue

2001.03.11    The wrong fish

2001.03.04    Ethical progress

2001.02.25    What makes people power possible

2001.02.18    The issue is corruption

2001.02.11    People power and the law

2001.02.04    Open the envelope

2001.01.28    Five questions on People Power 2

2001.01.21    Letter to a granddaughter

2001.01.14    The spitit of citizenship

2001.01.07    Truth-telling in a televised trial

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2000.12.31    Wishes for Julia

2000.12.24    The rebirth of institutions

2000.12.17    Senator-judges and public jurors

2000.12.10    Surveys, science, and politics

2000.12.03    Embracing life, brefriending death

2000.11.26    Do the poor still support Erap?

2000.11.19    Schizoids at the Senate

2000.11.05    The bigger picture

2000.10.29    Knowing Erap

2000.10.22    ScenaRIOS

2000.10.15    Resign or face ouster - a call from UP

2000.10.08    Haggling in China

2000.10.01    China

2000.09.17    Asian values and global standards

2000.09.10    Ten virtues for a new world   

2000.09.03    How a nation lives with its helplessness

2000.08.27    Negotiating with the Abu Sayyaf

2000.08.20    State power and the Cafgu mind

2000.08.13    Postmodern bandits

2000.08.06    Work and leisure

2000.07.30    The making of a civil war in Mindanao

2000.07.23    Simulating the presidency

2000.07.16    Life and death in a mountain of garbager

2000.07.09    Wild remedies

2000.07.02    Misusing ideals, rebuilding trust

2000.06.25    Dealing with the MILF

2000.06.18    Thoughts on Father's Day

2000.06.11    Self-respect and national pride

2000.06.04    Commander Robot and Moro identity

2000.05.28    Solidarity amid difference

2000.05.21    Despair and the Jubilee message

2000.05.14    Good and evil in viruses

2000.04.30    Tourists and locals

2000.04.23    A chance at rebirth

2000.04.16    In praise of Dolphy

2000.04.09    The art of widowhood

2000.04.02    Robin Padilla and the Mindanao question

2000.03.26    The brief public life of Aprodicio Laquian

2000.03.19    The good Tan 

2000.03.12    Leading without a compass

2000.03.05    Abusing an obsolete law

2000.02.27    Investing in a public university

2000.02.20    Why we elect bad leaders

2000.02.13    Confessions of a fratman

2000.02.06    A question of trust

2000.01.30    "Bayaning 3rd World"

2000.01.23    Icons of an exhausted nation

2000.01.16    Marines at the malls?

2000.01.09    When public servants quit

2000.01.02    The president at 5 percent

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1999.12.26    Their own private "milenyo"

1999.12.19    Movie-making and the millennium

1999.12.12    Life in a medicalized society

1999.12.05    Smart talk in a globalized world

1999.11.28    Issues in Seattle

1999.11.21    A mother's mind

1999.11.14    Political literacy and the talk-show

1999.10.31    Antidote to despair

1999.10.24    Wahid

1999.10.17    The dilemmas of a coup

1999.10.10    Indonesia: Can the center hold?

1999.10.03    Birdlife, wild and caged

1999.09.19    Death's practicalities

1999.09.12    The UP law deanship issue

1999.09.05    Things numinous

1999.08.29    Religion and the Constitution

1999.08.22    The conversation of rallies

1999.08.15    The August 20 issues

1999.08.01    The Sandiganbayan's defining moment

1999.07.25    The press and the powerful

1999.07.18    Justice and the poor

1999.07.11    Punishment without humiliation

1999.07.04    The silence of mothers

1999.06.27    The future of university education

1999.06.20    The remoteness of fathers

1999.06.13    The nation in our imagination

1999.06.06    E-mail and memory

1999.05.30    Society of the spectacle

1999.05.09    On being pro-poor

1999.05.02    Wanted: a president for UP

1999.04.25    When parents graduate

1999.04.18    Dealing with the armed left

1999.04.11    Newspapers as a public trust

1999.04.04    Redemption by redescription

1999.03.28    Food abstinence: Leviticus and Marvin Harris

1999.03.21    Feminizing fraternities

1999.03.14    "Lolo Ding" at 80

1999.03.07    Lament for Nino

1999.02.28    "Shall we dance?"

1999.02.21    People power

1999.02.14    Realizing oneself, speaking for others

1999.02.07    Our own new eyes

1999.01.31    The quest for difference

1999.01.24    The dark threads of human behavior

1999.01.17    Debating death, defending life

1999.01.09    Moral progress and the death penalty

1999.01.03    The first day of the rest of our lives

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1998.12.27    Rizal and the art of living

1998.12.20    The bombs of Christmas

1998.12.13    A rapist's smirk

1998.12.06    When siblings meet

1998.11.29    Home is where our people are

1998.11.22    The infrastructure of learning

1998.11.15    Dogtown: memories of the 1904 World's Fair

1998.11.08    The "Seinfeld" election

1998.11.01    The great American election

1998.10.27    Narratives of German unification

1998.10.25    America after Monica

1998.10.18    Rethinking sociology

1998.10.11    Goodbye to television

1998.10.04    Taking on Mahathir

1998.09.27    Anwar's generation

1998.09.20    Truth and politics in America

1998.09.13    Prisons

1998.09.06    Postmodern

1998.08.29    Can public figures have a private life?

1998.08.23    The functions of fraternities

1998.08.16    Language, nationalism, and identity

1998.08.09    VFA: The devil in the unstated

1998.08.02    The Centennial that was

1998.07.26    State of the post-Marcos nation

1998.07.19    Racism and the Indonesian riots

1998.07.12    The Edsa spirit and the cronies

1998.07.05    Celebrating American friendship

1998.06.28    To be his own person

1998.06.21    Fathers and sons

1998.06.14    Spelling E.R.A.P.

1998.06.07    Burying Marcos

1998.05.31    Time warp in Guam

1998.05.24    Looking for Edsa in Indonesia

1998.05.17    President Erap

1998.05.10    The future president

1998.05.03    Stabilizing and destabilizing trends

1998.04.26    For evil to triumph

1998.04.19    Marginalizing the party list

1998.04.12    Bugnay revisited

1998.04.05    Necessary interruptions

1998.03.15    The truth about Bunny

1998.03.08    Policy debates

1998.03.01    A family affair

1998.02.22    Looking back at Edsa

1998.02.15    Love's normal chaos

1998.02.08    The Ugboc syndrome

1998.02.01    Terms of survival

1998.01.25    Geography and memory

1998.01.18    A transformative politics

1998.01.11    Crisis and the collective conscience

1998.01.04    Arbiters of "winnability"

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1997.12.28    Vernacular gifts

1997.12.21    Voters and matchmakers

1997.12.13    What is trapo?

1997.12.07    The language of war

1997.11.23    Desiderata for graduate life

1997.11.16    Martin Sheen and the urban poor

1997.11.09    Why we remember

1997.11.02    The irrational in politics

1997.10.26    The tax collector and I

1997.10.19    The school of politics

1997.10.12    Back to basics

1997.10.05    Compromising with the Marcoses

1997.09.28    Philanthropy on a global scale

1997.09.21    Politics and the Constitution

1997.09.14    FVR's gloss

1997.09.07    Homage to a star

1997.08.31    Charter change and moral imagination

1997.08.24    Surveying squatters

1997.08.17    Shadow work

1997.08.10    Summing up a life

1997.08.03    Globalization and national identity

1997.07.27    Was Cunanan a Pinoy?

1997.07.20    Money and the monastic life

1997.07.13    Mayor Lim's experiment

1997.07.06    Global engagement and solitude in Sweden

1997.06.29    The NPA of London

1997.06.08    Nationalism in a global age

1997.06.01    Virtual pain, virtual love

1997.05.25    The politics of appearances

1997.05.18    Profiting from piety

1997.05.11    Images of North Korea

1997.05.04    Sex, money and the Catholic church

1997.04.27    Politics in the age of TV

1997.04.20    UP: coping with perpetual penury

1997.04.13    Globalization blues

1997.04.06    The wallet test

1997.03.30    Split-level spirituality

1997.03.23    Engineers who play god

1997.03.16    Burying the past

1997.03.09    Marilou's "Milagros"

1997.03.02    One man's duty and honor

1997.02.23    Our love for democracy

1997.02.16    Custom and law in Jolo

1997.02.09    A jail visit

1997.02.02    Public interest and private agendas

1997.01.26    The face of a victim

1997.01.17    Re-describing Rosanna

1997.01.12    The making of a presidential candidate

1997.01.05    Of bloody men and other metaphors

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1996.12.29    The sexualization of children

1996.12.22    Immigrants from the past

1996.12.15    Taxing the Church

1996.12.08    Contingencies of a weekend

1996.12.01    Initiation to public life

1996.11.24    The contradictions of Apec

1996.11.17    Globalization: do we have a choice?

1996.11.10    Who's afraid of globalization?

1996.11.03    Sachsenhausen's violence and Perlman's violin

1996.10.20    Germany: nationhood as burden

1996.10.13    Sarah Jane and her boy friend

1996.10.06    From Pulungmaste to Portland

1996.09.29    Public lands, private uses

1996.09.22    Remembering Martial Law

1996.09.15    The SPCPD gamble

1996.09.01    Politics as a vocation

1996.08.25    The return of the tisay

1996.08.18    Dog eaters

1996.08.11    The trial of Karen Vertido

1996.08.04    Sources of moral vigor

1996.07.28    The language of the Olympics

1996.07.21    Where the truth lies

1996.07.14    Misuari

1996.06.30    Sense and style in UP

1996.06.23    Unstoppable women

1996.06.16    Kidnapped

1996.06.09    Conversations for sale

1996.06.02    Spirituality and the OCW

1996.05.26    Maid in Hong Kong

1996.05.19    The liturgy of public executions

1996.05.12    Mothers

1996.05.05    Graduations

1996.04.28    Our children all

1996.04.21    Odd/Uneven schemes

1996.04.14    Karen   

1996.04.07    Moros and Zapatistas

While lecturing at the National Autonomous University of Mexico early his year, I had the rare chance of witnessing the signing of the first eace accord between the Mexican government and the Zapatista rmy of National Liberation or EZLN. That historic event reminded e of the Moros’ own negotiations  with the government. I began to onder what impact the MNLF would have created had Nur Misuari conducted these talks the Zapatista way.


1996.03.31    Re-moralizing Public Service

Graft or corruption is a modern crime. It presupposes the existence of a modern bureaucratic state and a culture of law. strictly speaking, there was no graft in traditional societies ruled by custom. it was not illegal for a ruler to help himself to the community's wealth and not provide for the needs of his followers. But it was always immoral.


1996.03.24    A cultural malaise

In the wake of the Ozone disco tragedy, the press has called for more militant regulation of establishments that cater to the public. The main problem of our society, however, is not the absense of good laws, nor the inability to implement these. Our main problem is the general absence of civility as a value in our lives.


1996.03.17    Kalayaan, vol. I, no. 1

At about this time of the year, one hundred years ago, an 8-page newspaper, subversive in every way, came out with its maiden issue. its name was Kalayaan, the newspaper of the Katipunan.


1996.01.14    Life as television

In our society, when a man has a problem he cannot handle, he seeks the company of friends and drinks with them. Thus sheltered by kindly souls and protected by alcohol, he steps out of himself and cries out his distress.


1996.01.07    The self as project

At most bookstores nowadays, one cannot fail to notice the proliferation of books dealing with self-improvement inall its aspects. There are books on dieting, health, aerobics, public speaking, meditation, yoga, body building, the soul, and the inner self.


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1995.12.31    Rules of engagement

To most of us, nothing can possibly be more exhausting than to defend ourselves day after day against those who have chosen us to be their enemies.


1995.12.24    Aetas

If angels are real, then this year they came to us in the form of the Aetas. "Angelos" is the Greek term for messenger. And the Aetas have come with a simple message: think beyond yourselves.


1995.12.17    The art of sleep

In the last few years, a hormone which carries the name melatonin has become very popular among people who have trouble summoning sleep.


1995.12.10    Chito Roque: the alien next door

Why would anyone believe Chito Roque, the man who has come out to name the key players in the underworld of jueteng?


1995.12.03    The ethics of a face

There is a 2-year-old baby in our house. No, she is not the child of any of our children. She is the daughter of one of the maids. She got pregnant and her boyfriend would not marry her.


1995.11.26    Going after Jueteng

Watching the ongoing jueteng investigation in Congress, a friend asked: what do you think is the game plan?


1995.11.19     Admitting guilt: a Korean lesson, part 2

(read at the November 10 Kilosbayan Forum)

An examination of the route that led to former Korean President Roh Tae-woo's public disgrace suggests that the initial investigations did not immediately target him.






1995.11.12    Admitting guilt: a Korean lesson, part 1

(read at the November 10 Kilosbayan Forum)

"I feel ashamed and full of remorse for betraying the expectations of the people,: said Roh Tae-woo. As president of South Korea between 1998 and 1993, Roh admitted taking illegal contributions from businessmen amounting to $654 million.


1995.11.05    In defense of nature

At the height of typhoon rosing's fury, someone in my family expressed a thought that must have lurked at the back of every Filipino mind last Friday: "Is this a curse? Is our country being singled out for punishment by Nature?"


1995.10.29    The right to die

A former student of mine, Thetis Abrera-Mangahas, who was in the very first sociology class I taught in the 1960s read my column about life and illness last week and suddenly remembered our discussion about life and death in Sociology 101.


1995.10.22    This too is life

The title belongs to a short essay by the great modern Chinese writer Lu Hsun.


1995.10.15    Memories on lahar land

Apart from the deaths and the huge losses in property, the Pinatubo lahar's greatest impact on the people of Pampanga has been the defamiliarization of the landscape.


1995.10.08    Dignity in suffering

There is something humiliating in suffering and something elevating and superior in sympathy.


1995.10.01    A lesson from Oseola

For 87 years, Oseola McCarty of Hattiesburg, Mississippi lived her life in total simplicity and anonymity. Today, she is America's new found hero.


1995.09.24    A child named Sarah

Sarah Balabagan is only 16 years old. By the standards of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, she is just a child.


1995.09.17    Agoo: who needs miracles?

What is interesting about the Catholic Church's position on the reported Marian apparitions in Agoo is that while it claims there was nothing supernatural in the occurrences, it did not say that miracles could not happen.


1995.09.10    Through Women's Eyes   

"Look at the world through women's eyes" admonished the souvenir T-shirts, bags, umbrellas, banners and posters from the NGO Forum on Women.


1995.09.03    Angara en garde

Senator Edgardo J. Angara's rise to political power has largely passed unnoticed. This may partly be ascribed to his non-confrontational and non-controversial persona.


1995.08.27    The Public Career of Mang Pandoy

I first met Mang Pandoy in 1989. He grew all kinds of vegetables then on a strip of cogon land inside the UP campus, and I was one of his regular customers.


1995.08.20    The Powerless Public   

Civility is the art of living with others. It is also what we so terribly lack in this country. 


1995.08.13    Lola Juanita's Catharsis

It was if a memory nerve had been activated, and it could not be switched off after the lights had gone out in the studio.


1995.08.06    Tributes to the Living

I am certain that the late Gerry Gil of the "Standard" would have postponed his death by at least a week if only so he could read what his friends and admirers have written about him after his untimely passing.


1995.07.30    3 Daughters & Larry Henares

Like most kids their age, my children love to watch TV. But they've always dreaded the thought of ever appearing on it. 


1995.07.23    Airport Thieves

It could have been just another typical traveling day for him, my younger brother Isaac. 


1995.07.16    A Family on Trial

Soon after Hubert Webb was tagged a suspect in the Vizconde killings, the media became interested in his performance at school.


1995.07.09    In Search of Anonymity

What was popular British actor Hugh Grant (Four Weddings and a Funeral) trying to prove in picking up a prostitute in Los Angeles recently? Was he trying to re-enact a scene from "Pretty Woman"?

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